NVSP Portal Login, Registration: Track Status Online 2023

NVSP Portal login, voter registration, tracking online application status, applying for a new Voter ID card, downloading the voter helpline mobile app, and other related information are available in this article.

In this article, we will provide all information related to the National Voter’s Services Portal (NVSP). After reading this article you will get all the important information required for a new Voter ID Registration, e-EPIC Download Search in Electoral Roll in India.

What is the NVSP portal?

National Voter’s Services Portal (NVSP) is developed by the Election Commission of India (ECI) to provide important services such as new Elector/Voter register, Voter Deletion, Electoral Roll Correction, tracking application status, downloading e-EPIC, and important forms online, etc.

The Election Commission of India has appointed block-level officers in every district in India. These BLOs are responsible to verify a new voter ID application for Voter ID Registration that is submitted through the offline and online modes. Now there is no need to visit the Block level officers to register for voting. All citizens can use this portal to apply for a new EPIC number online.

Once you apply for a new voter id online these officers check all details and verify the application if all pieces of information are correct. After the verification, you can collect your Voter ID card from your nearest office.

Now NVSP portal is also providing an e-EPIC card which is also valid everywhere. Citizens can download this eEPIC card online and laminate it.

Objective & Benefits of NVSP

Being the largest democratic country in the world, the Election Commission of India is fulfilling its responsibility to conduct elections in every state by managing a very large crowd of voters across India.

The main objective of this portal is to provide all important information to all Indian citizens related to their Voter ID card, Assembly Constituency, Parliamentary Constituency, EPIC No., Polling station, upcoming polling information, etc.

Now all citizens can apply for a new voter ID card, change details in the Voter Card such as Name, Father’s Name, Address, check application status online, etc. All citizens can also download an e-EPIC card online and laminate it themselves. This portal provides a voter search facility also where people can search their information in the Electoral Roll.


Name of the portalNational Voter’s Services Portal
Developed byGovernment of India
BeneficiaryIndian citizens
Helpline number1800111950
Official websitenvsp.in

NVSP Important Services

The portal provides many important services to Indian citizens which we have mentioned below. Please have a look at the below facilities.

  • Register for a new EPIC No. (Voter Id).
  • Search Elector/voter information in Electoral Roll.
  • Register as an Overseas Elector/Voter
  • Check the online application status.
  • Transfer your voter Id card to a new Assembly constituency.
  • Delete your record from the Electoral Roll.
  • Correction in Elector Details such as Name, Address, and personal details.
  • Check your Assembly / Parliamentary / Constituency details online
  • Find BLO / Electoral officer details
  • Transposition within Assembly Constituency
  • Migration to another Assembly Constituency
  • Find information about the political party representative

How to register on the NVSP portal?

To use any service available on the portal you will have to register yourself on the portal first. The registration process is very easy. Please check below.

Step 1. Open the official website https://nvsp.in/. You will see all available services on the homepage.

Step 2. Now click the Login link on the top right side or Login / Register link on the left bottom side. Both options will take you to a new registration form (as shown below).

NVSP.in login page

Step 3. Now you will have to click the “Register as a new user” link for new registration. You will see an OTP verification form on the next page (as shown below).

NVSP registration otp verification form

Step 4. In this OTP verification form enter your Mobile number, and captcha code, and hit the Send OTP button.

Step 5. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number which you will have to enter in the space provided in the registration form.

Step 6. After the OTP verification, you will get two options.

  1. I have an EPIC number
  2. I don’t have the EPIC number

Select any one option and enter your email id and password.

Step 7. Finally, click the Register button to complete the registration process. Your registration has been completed now.

Note: This portal does not verify the captcha easily. In that case, you will have to retry multiple times by refreshing the page. It is also possible that you will not receive an OTP. In that case, also you will have to retry again.

NVSP portal login procedure?

After the registration, you can now log in to the portal. Please check the below steps.

  1. Open the official website.
  2. On the homepage, click the login link.
  3. In the login form, enter your mobile number, password, and captcha code, and click the Login button.

NVSP portal user dashboard

After the login, you will see the homepage of the website. If you click the Dashboard link then your user dashboard will appear on the screen (as shown below).

nvsp.in portal user dashboard

On your dashboard page, you can check the information related to your forms if you have applied. You can check below-listed information on this page.

  • Reference number
  • Form type
  • Form submission date
  • Status

Note: In the NVSP portal people face a lot of issues regarding captcha verification and many times they don’t receive any OTP so the Election Commission of India developed a new Voter Portal which provides all online facilities similar to the old portal. You can also apply for a voter ID card on ECI Voter Portal.

ECI Voter Portal – Voter ID Registration procedure

On the NVSP portal, there is a link for the new Voter Portal ECI on the right side. You can click this link to visit the Voter Portal or you can visit https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/ directly.

New voter portal online registration process:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Open the official website

    voterportal.eci.gov.in login page

    Open the official website. You will see a login form on the right side of the home page.

  2. Click Create an Account link and register by Mobile number or Email ID

    Now click the Create an Account link. A new registration form will appear on the screen. In this registration form, you can register by either your email id or Mobile number.

    Now enter your mobile number and click the Send OTP button. You will see a new OTP verification screen (as shown below).

  3. Complete the OTP verification

    Now enter the 6-digit OTP in this OTP verification screen that you have received on your mobile. After the OTP verification, you will see a new password generate form (as shown below).

  4. Create a new password

    voterportal eci create new password page

    Create a new password by entering the password two times, solving the given math question, and selecting the terms of services. After creating a new password you will see a welcome screen.

  5. Click the welcome button

    Click the Welcome button to continue. You will see a new popup (as shown below).

  6. Update your profile

    In this popup, you will have to update your profile-related information such as your Name, State, and Gender. After that click the Submit button to continue. After clicking the Submit button you will see the Voter Portal dashboard page.

Your registration has been completed now.

NVSP Voter Portal login?

After the registration, you will be automatically logged in to the portal. Otherwise, you may follow the below steps to log in.

  1. Open the new Voter portal https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/. You will see a login screen on the right side.
  2. Enter your Mobile Number, Email ID, Voter ID number, and Password, and solve the math question.
  3. After that click the Login button.

Voter Portal dashboard

After the login, you will see a dashboard page (as shown below).

voter portal election commission of India dashboard

On this dashboard page, You will see a search form where you can search for any information. After that, you will see below mentioned available services citizens can use.

  • New Voter registration
  • Correction in Voter ID
  • Shifting to other places
  • Replacement of Voter ID
  • Deletion of Voter ID

ECI has also introduced AI-powered Voter Mitra in the Voter Portal which is a personal digital assistant that helps you to apply for various services available on the portal.

New Voter registration

You can apply for a new Voter registration through the official Voter Portal. Please check the below-given steps.

Note: Please note that you can apply for a new Voter ID for yourself only. If you want to apply for another family member then you will have to create a new account for that member.

1- Open the official portal https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/ and log in by using your credentials.

2- After that click the “New Voter registration” on the dashboard.

3- After that, you will see some guidance and recommendation from the Voter Mitra digital assistant. Now click the Let’s Start button and select the “I am applying for the first time” box and click the Save & Continue button. After that, you will get three options.

  1. Yes, I am an Indian Citizen (residing in India)
  2. Yes, I am an Indian Citizen (not residing in India)
  3. No, I am not an Indian Citizen

Note: To apply for a Voter ID card either you or your parents must have been born in India. Applicant must be at least 18 years old as of the 1st January of that year when he is applying for a new voter ID.

4- Select any one option and click the Save & Continue button. After that, you will see a new voter ID card online application form.

voter portal new voter ID registration form

5- You will have to fill out this registration form by providing the below-mentioned details.

  • Date of Birth
  • Town, State, District of birth
  • Select date of birth documents

6- After that upload all relevant documents. You can also use Digilocker to upload documents. You can use any one document from the below-given list.

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Driving License
  • Indian Passport
  • Marksheet of class X, VIII, V if contained date of birth
  • Birth certificate from school or other govt. recognized institutes
  • Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authority or Registrar of Births and Deaths
  • Baptism certificate
  • Other

7- After that click the Save & Continue button and complete the rest of the process.

Your application will be submitted to the Electoral Registration Officer and you will receive a reference number which you can use to track your application status.

Correction in Voter ID

1- After the registration login to the official Voter service portal https://www.nvsp.in/ or to the Voter Portal https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/.

2- Click the Correction in Electoral details or Correction in Voter ID link.

3- If you are applying through the Voter Portal then you will get help from the Voter Mitra personal digital assistant. Now click the Let’s Start button.

4- On the next page select “Yes, I have Voter ID number“. After that enter your Voter ID number and click the Fetch details link. If your Voter ID information is available then you will see a Proceed button. Click on the Proceed button to continue.

5- On the next page, you will find all information about your Voter Card. Now click the Save & Continue button. On the next page, you will see a list of the entries in Voter ID.

voter id entry correction check list

Select the entries which you want to correct and click the Save & Continue button. You can correct the below entries.

  • Name
  • Age / Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Photograph
  • Name of relative
  • Type of relation
  • Address correction
  • Voter ID in a new format

Note: You may select a maximum of three entries for the correction through one application.

6- Finally Complete all steps, upload relevant documents, and submit the correction form. You will receive a reference ID. Please note down your reference ID somewhere.

Migration to other places

If you are shifting to any other place within your assembly constituency or outside your assembly constituency then you can apply for the update through the Shifting to other places option. You can change your address and other details.

  1. Open the Voter Portal website and click the “Shifted to other place” link after login.
  2. On the next page, click the Let’s Start button.
  3. On the next page select “I have Voter ID number” and click the Save & Continue button.
  4. On the next page select any one check box from the below-given two options and click the Save and Continue button.
    • Shifted outside assembly constituency
    • Shifted within the assembly constituency
  5. On the next page, enter your new address and select state, district, and assembly constituency.
  6. After that select your address proof and upload relevant documents and click the Save & Continue button.
  7. Finally, complete the rest of the process and note down your reference number.

Replacement of Voter ID

There is an option for the replacement of your Voter ID. You can update your old card and request a new Voter ID card by replacing the old ID. You can also request a duplicate voter id card through this option if your id card is very old and not clearly visible or has been stolen or damaged.

Log in to the official portal https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/ and check the Replacement of Voter ID option. Complete the application form. You will have to pay the required fee also.

Deletion of Voter ID

An option to delete your Voter ID Card is available. As the name suggests, this option will delete your Voter ID from the Electoral Roll.

How to track Voter ID application status?

You can easily track your Voter ID online application through the official portal. You can track voter id card status in two ways.

How to track application status online on nvsp.in portal?

1- Open the https://www.nvsp.in/ portal and click the Track Application Status link.

2- A new tracking page will appear on the portal.

online application status tracking page on NVSP portal

3- Enter your application reference ID in the given space and click the Track Status button. Your application status will be shown on the screen.

Track application status on voterportal.eci.gov.in Portal

1- Open the official https://voterportal.eci.gov.in/ Portal and log in with your ID and password.

2- Now click the Track Status link in the top menu. You will see an application tracking form.

Application status tracking page on voterportal.eci.gov.in Portal

3- In this status tracking form select the Application option and enter your reference number which you got after the online registration.

4- Click the Track your Status button. Your application status will be available on the screen.

How to download voter id cards from the NVSP portal?

The Election Commission of India has launched a new Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card (E-EPIC). It is a digital Voter ID Card similar to the e Aadhar Card and Pan Card which is already available in the digital form. IT Minister Shri Ravishankar Prasad launched the e-EPIC card facility while celebrating National Voter’s Day (25th January 2021).

Note: Currently only those voters can download the e-EPIC who have applied for the voter id card after November 2020 and have a unique mobile number in the National Voter’s database. This facility for others will be available soon.

You can download your e EPIC from the official Voter Portal. Check the voter id download steps below.

1- Open the official portal

2- Login by using your mobile number and password.

3- After the login, you will see an EPIC download link on the homepage. Click this link to open the EPIC download form. You will see a new page as shown below.

download an electronic copy of EPIC

4- In this form, You can download your electronic EPIC copy in two ways.

  1. By EPIC number
  2. By Form reference number

5- Use any one option and fill that number in the next box.

6- After that select your state and click the Search button. You will see your EPIC electronic copy on the computer screen. You can now download this on your device.

E EPIC will be a password-secured PDF file that can not be edited. You can use this as identity proof and also store it in Digilocker.

People can also take a print of this.

How to get a colored Voter ID Card?

The Election Commission of India used to use a Black and White Voter ID Card for all citizens. Now ECI has introduced a new Voter ID Card format which is a colored PCV-based plastic card. The New colored Voter ID card will include a serial number and color photo including all details of the old card. You can download a colored Voter ID card with the help of the below steps.

1- Open the official website https://voterportal.eci.gov.in.

2- Apply for a new ID card or Correction in the ID card.

2- On the selection page select Voter ID in a new format option.

4- Upload relevant documents and submit the application. You will have to pay Rs 30 for a colored Voter ID card.

Download the NVSP age declaration form

If you are applying for a new Voter ID card in the age group of 18-21 years and do not have any age proof then a Self Declaration Form signed by the Parents of the applicant will be considered as proof of Age. You can download the Age declaration form from the National Voter Service Portal portal or the new Voter Portal. For that, you will have to download Form 8.

The age declaration format is given in Annexure I in Form 8. You can download Form 8 from the link given in the below table and take a print of the Age declaration form page from that PDF.

A sample of the Age declaration form is given below.

NVSP Age declaration form

Different NVSP forms available on the portal

You can download the below-given forms used for different purposes. Forms description and download link are also available in the below table.

Form NumberDescriptionDownload
Form 001For replacement of Voter ID CardClick here
Form 6If you are shifting to a different Assembly Constituency Click here
Form 6AIf you are shifting to a different Assembly Constituency (Only for overseas electors)Click here
Form 7Raise an objection to inclusion of this entry or Apply for deletion from the electoral rollClick here
Form 8For the corrections in electoral roll entryClick here
Form 8AIf you are shifting within Assembly ConstituencyClick here

If you are not feeling comfortable with the online applications then you can download the above forms and visit the Electoral Officer / BLO office along with the relevant documents and submit your application by hand.

How to search BLO, ERO, and DEO?

You can find the information about the BLO, ERO, and DEO Electoral officer details and their contact number through the official portal. Please check the below-given steps.

1- Open the official portal and click the Know Your link on the right side of the homepage.

2- You will see a search form (see the below image).

nvsp.in electoral officer search form

3- You can search by using your EPIC number (Voter ID number) or by locating the address on the map.

4- Enter your Voter ID number in the search form and click the Search button. After the search, you will see a new page (as shown below).

BLO, ERO, DEO details on nvsp.in portal

5- On this new page you can check your BLO, ERO, and DEO name and their contact details. You will also get information about your Booth, Assembly Constituency, and Parliamentary Constituency. Political Party representative information is also available below.

How to search for voter information?

You can search for voter information online on the official Electoral Search portal. Please check the steps given below.

Step 1. Open the official portal at electoralsearch.in.

Step 2. You will get two options to search for voter details.

  • विवरण द्वारा खोज / Search by Details
  • पहचान-पत्र क्र. द्वारा खोज / Search by EPIC No.

1- Search by Details: The voter ID Search by name option will appear here. You will see a search form (as shown below).

Search voter id by name form

In this form enter the required fields such as your Name, Father’s / Husband’s Name, Date of Birth or Age, and State. You may select District and Assembly Constituency.

After that fill in the captcha code and click the Search button. Your Voter ID information will be displayed on the next screen.

ii- Search by EPIC No.: If you click this EPIC number search option, you will see a new search form (see below image).

Search voter id by EPIC No

In this search form enter your EPIC No. (10 digit Voter ID number), select your state, fill in the captcha code, and click the Search button. Your Voter ID details will be available on the next screen.

How to download the electoral roll PDF?

The Electoral Roll PDF file contains information about the Assembly constituency, the Polling station, and all Electors that come under that polling station. Anyone can download the Electoral Roll PDF of their polling station with the help of the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open the official voter portal.

Step 2: Log in by using your user ID and password.

Step 3: After that click the View my profile link from the top right corner. You will see your profile section including all available services.

Step 4: Now under the Downloads Electoral Roll PDF option select your state. A new state Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) website page will appear on the screen (as shown below).

CEO UTTAR PRADESH electoral roll search

Select your district and assembly constituency and click the Show button. You will see the polling station list below this form.

ceo uttar pradesh polling station list of bairia constituency

Step 5: Now click the View button after your Polling station. On the next page enter the captcha code and click the View/Download button. Electoral Roll PDF related to that Polling station will be downloaded on your device.

You can check polling station images, maps, AC numbers, Part numbers, addresses, number of voters, and list of voters including name, father’s name, age, gender, and house number.

Download Voter Helpline mobile app

The Election Commission of India has also developed a mobile help for voters which also provides the same functionalities and services similar to the online portal. You can download the mobile app with the help of the below-given steps.

1- Open the Google play store app on your mobile phone and search for “Voter Helpline”.

2- After the search, you will see some app download options.

3- You will have to download the official app from the Election Commission of India (as shown below).

voter helpline app download link

4- After locating the correct app click the Install button. The app will be downloaded on your smartphone. Now you can open the app and register or log in to use any service.

You can check the website links of all states and Union Territories in India. These websites contain information about the local interest, Electoral Roll, and other local-level information such as election results.

Andaman and Nicobar IslandsLink not working
Andhra Pradeshhttps://ceoandhra.nic.in/
Arunachal Pradeshhttp://ceoarunachal.nic.in/
Dadra & Nagar Havelihttps://ceo.dnh.gov.in/
Daman & DIUhttp://ceodaman.nic.in/
Himachal Pradeshhttps://himachal.nic.in/
Jammu & Kashmirhttps://ceojammukashmir.nic.in/
Madhya Pradeshhttps://ceomadhyapradesh.nic.in/
NCT of Delhihttps://ceodelhi.nic.in/
Uttar Pradeshhttp://ceouttarpradesh.nic.in/
West Bengalhttp://ceowestbengal.nic.in/

NVSP Helpline Toll-free number

You can get help from the below helpline number.

1800111950 or 1950

Frequently asked questions

What is NVSP Form 6?

If you are shifting to a different constituency assembly then you will have to submit Form 6 through the official voter Portal. You can submit Form 6 online and offline which suits you easier.

What is NVSP Form 8?

If there are incorrect data in your Voter ID such as Name, Father’s Name, Address, etc then you can apply for a correction through Form 8. Form 8 is available on both the NVSP and the new Voter Portal.

What is the EPIC number in NVSP?

EPIC stands for “Electronic Electoral Photo Identity Card”. It’s an alphanumeric 10-digit unique number written on both sides of your Voter ID card.

The EPIC number simply refers to your Voter ID card number. If you are applying for a new voter registration then you will get your EPIC number after the verification.

How to find a reference id in NVSP?

If you have applied for any form such as a new Voter ID card or correction, migration in the card, etc then after the successful application submission you will get an application reference number.

You can check your reference number with the help of the below steps.

1- Login to the official portal.
2- Click the dashboard link
3- You will see all applied forms through your account. Now you can check the reference number of your form. This reference id is very useful and can be used to track the current status of your online Voter ID card application.

How to get an EPIC number?

All new applicants will get an EPIC number once their application has been approved by the concerned electoral officer.

The EPIC number will be your Voter ID Card number and can be used everywhere as identity proof.

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